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Volkswagen Villa has been proudly servicing the Greater Toronto Area for over 18 years building on our reputation to consistently deliver the ultimate automotive service experience by understanding the needs of our customers and clients.  We have a drive-in area to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, complimentary shuttle service running non-stop throughout the day and a complimentary exterior car wash when your vehicle is in for service! We also offer free high-speed wireless internet access in our customer lounge.


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Volkswagen Original
Genuine Parts. Professional Service. Authentic Accessories.  From the only people who love your Volkswagen more than you do, Volkswagen Villa is your #1 choice for VW parts in Thornhill.  Your Volkswagen has been engineered to extremely high standards so that you can continue to enjoy all the performance and reliability you have come to expect for years to come.  But like any vehicle, it requires a little tenderloving care every now and again to keep things running smoothly.  And nobody cares for your Volkswagen more than we do.  Ask for Volkswagen Original to ensure you're getting the absolute best parts, service and accessories for your car.
Volkswagen Original Parts
Volkswagen Original Parts are perfectly matched to your vehicle because they are designed at exactly the same time as your vehicle was.  In fact, they are designed specifically for your vehicle.  No retro-fitting required.  No modifications needed.  You always have exactly the right part at the right time - German Engineered, built to last and backed by a limited warranty.
Volkswagen Original Accessories
From roof racks to rims and splashguards to snowboard and ski holders, Volkswagen Original Accessories are deisgned not only to fit your lifestyle but to fit in seemlessly with your Volkswagen's appearance.  More importantly, they are created with the same standard of quality as you'd expect from any Volkswagen product - beautiful, functional designs that are engineered to last - and all are backed up by a limited warranty.  Volkswagen Original Accessories will become as much a part of your Volkswagen as you are.   

Drive safely on the Ontario roads with the Volkswagen OEM parts and accessories from your Volkswagen Villa original parts specialists in Thornhill. For all your VW parts inquiries, connect with your VW Parts Team in Thonrhill


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Browse our ever changing  VW Villa parts specials that cover everything from seasonal tire storage, winter tire packages, winter tire rebates and more in Ontario. Whether it's seasonal accessories you need or technology bundles, think of Volkswagen Villa when you think about how to make your daily drive more enjoyable.


Ask us for all your Volkswagen Parts needs or any accessories you want for your Volkswagen!

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Volkswagen Villa has all the Thornhill Tires you need in Ontario


Why waste your time and money on tires that aren't a perfect fit for your Volkswagen? When you use Volkswagen tires that are the right car or SUV and rest assured that there will be no surprises, wherever you will travel.


We carry all reputable tire brands that you trust including Continentals, Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear etc. We can order all other brands as well because we know what fits your VW best no matter the season.

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Enquire about our VW mail-in rebates to help you save, tire offers for all-seasons and Volkswagen winter tires, as well as other great offers on our tire specials for your Ontario Volkswagen.


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