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Volkswagen Villa low tire prices


Seasons change, and so should your tires.


At Volkswagen Villa we know that changing seasons can require changing a few important items on your vehicle, like your tires.

We want to help you out by making sure that the parts you need are affordable. We do that by matching our competitor's lowest price on the same items.


How Does it Work?


In order to accept a local competitor's advertised price or written quote:


(i) Tires must be purchased and installed at Volkswagen Villa;

(ii) Customer must present the competitor's actual, local advertisement or written quote which must have been printed within 30 days of the sale; and

(iii) The tires being purchased must be the same brand, sidewall, speed and load ratings as shown in the competitive advertisement or written quote.


This offer is valid on the cost of the tire only and does not include labour costs, valve stems, mounting, balancing, stewardship fees, and taxes. Offer does not apply to quotes or advertised prices outside of Ontario, in eBay advertisements, by tire wholesalers and online tire retailers, or closeout, special order, discontinued, and clearance/liquidation offers.





View the Volkswagen Villa Tire Specials



Why Do I Need New Tires?


All-Season Tires are flexible when the temperature is over 7°C, and they can create shorter stopping distances and give drivers better control over their vehicle. With most major brands, winter tires are specially designed for better traction, handling, and shorter braking distances in any condition when the temperature falls below 7°C. Winter tires help to prepare drivers for cold weather and conditions like freezing rain, snow, slush, and ice.


Don't forget, the tread on your tires will naturally wear down over time as. While you may not notice this in dry conditions, worn down tires in rain will have a much harder time avoiding hydroplaning at higher speeds, and will have almost no traction in heavy snow. You should check how much tread is left on your tires regularly, and be sure to install new tires to stay as safe as possible on the road in all conditions! Not sure when to install new tires? Let our knowledgable service and parts team update you at your next service appointment!


We have plenty of our own tire specials on all of the most reliable brands including Goodyear, Pirelli, Hankook, Bridgestone, Michelin, Yokohama, BFGoodrich, and more! You can use any of the offers featured on our Tire Specials page to get tires at the best price.


View the Volkswagen Villa Tire Specials