Volkswagen 4MOTION Technology

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With generous cargo space, sporty performance & off-road attributes it truly is the perfect blend of versatility & drivability.

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What is Volkswagen 4MOTION technology?


Volkswagen 4Motion technology is Volkswagen's proprietary four-wheel drive system designed to provide increased traction and handling on wet and loose surfaces as well as enhanced stability while navigating stormy or windy conditions.



4MOTION in Action


When the 4MOTION system is being utilized, driver's experience optimum control and traffic benefits such as increased cornering speeds as well as premium straight-line performance, in turn allowing the user a safer, more enjoyable ride.


Furthermore, the 4MOTION system can be easily combined with all dynamics control systems including Engine Drag Torque (MSR), Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), Anti-Slip Regulation Traction Control (ASR) and the Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) providing users with a clear edge over common driver operated four-wheel-drive systems.





The inclusion of 4MOTION technology allows driver's unmatched handling and stability in almost all weather conditions, regardless of where your Volkswagen takes you.






How it works?


The core of the 4MOITION All-Wheel Drive system in most cases consists of a differential between both the front and rear axles often regarded as the center-differential.


This differential distributes torque, allowing the system to compensate both axles accordingly in the event of a slip or loss of traction, all while balancing minor differences in rotation speed, preventing torsional stress on the vehicle's drive train.






The Volkswagen Villa 4MOTION lineup



At Volkswagen Villa, we carry a number vehicles that utilize Volkswagen's ultimate all-wheel drive system. Although all-wheel drive systems are often integrated in sport utility vehicles, a number of our cars also feature 4MOTION all-wheel control, making them some of the most versatile vehicles currently available. Looking to experience the joys of 4MOTION all-wheel control for yourself?


Don't hesitate to reach out to our team and schedule a test drive. Our expert sales team can assist with finding the model that best fits your needs and can answer any questions you may have.


Tiguan 4MOTIONGolf R 4MOTIONGolf SportWagen 4MOTION

You were born to drive. And you need the versatility of an SUV. You just found your new best friend.



Discover how 292 horsepower, 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive, a finely tuned suspension system and a refined sport interior can unleash the driver in you - for a surprisingly affordable price. Discover the performance of a sport car and the versatility of a people and gear hauler, in one remarkably affordable vehicle. Plus, enjoy onboard technology that lets you stay in touch with your world when adventure calls.


Golf Alltrack 4MOTIONTouareg 4MOTION2018 Atlas 4MOTION
With generous cargo space, sporty performance and off-road ready attributes it truly is the perfect blend of versatility and drivability. Includes 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive, extra ground clearance and an ‘Off Road’ driving mode that optimizes traction on uneven surfaces.

Enjoy a refined driving experience, exhilarating performance and the versatility to take on wilderness adventures and city nights with ease.





The 2018 Atlas is almost here! Experience Volkswagen's most anticipated SUV equipped with 4MOTION technology by pre-ordering yours with Volkswagen Villa today!






The Principles of 4MOTION Technology (Animation)